Old-fashioned coffee makers

History teaches, inspires and fascinates us. Hundreds of years of constant testing and improvement that enable us to prepare delicious coffee today. That is one of the reason why historical coffee makers are our love - we look for them, we study, repair, we cherish and of course we offer them for sale.
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Historické kávovary

Vintage coffee makers

Variety of design, precise realisation, top quality materials, stories behind. That's why we love historic coffee makers. Every single piece is exceptional for us. When we repair them, we are consistent as a surgeon in demanding surgery. Every time when we breathe new life to the coffee maker makes us feel special. Just like morning coffee.

Historické kávovary

New life for old coffee makers

Clogged brass, broken mechanism or remains of waiting years in the cellar. Historical coffee machines that pass through our hands will be exceptionally repaired from head to toe. Your coffee maker will be fully functional and you can prepare an espresso cup as a coffee lover at the time of the greatest glory of your coffee maker.

Historické kávovary

For exceptional businesses

The coffee machine is not just a functional machine, it also brings design. Historical pieces are well known because of that. In the past manufacturers have not only distinguished themselves by quality and materials, but also by appearance. They loved minimalism, they were not afraid to get out of the board, they also worked with top designers. Whether you are preparing coffee in an Art Nouveau hotel or a modern bistro, the historic coffee maker can breathe in an extraordinary Genius loci.

Historické kávovary

Do you own an old coffee machine?

Did you find old father´s historic coffee machine in the garage? Do you have a piece in the cellar that your grandmother has stored there? Put him to us, we can breathe him new life. We will do our best to make this coffee maker write history further. Let´s help together to these legends prepare a delicious coffee again.

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