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Mahlkönig W1BN Grinder: Old-fashioned combination of design and precision

Mahlkönig is the number one grinder on the market. And indeed, when you say this glamorous word, anyone who even a little bit penetrated into the secrets of perfect espresso knows about this brand. The King. This makes us even more pleased that this brand is in our collection of historical coffee machines: Mahlkönig W1BN.

Mahlkönig – the king who used to produce electric motors

In 1924, Mahlkönig was founded in Hamburg, Germany, at that time only a few had any idea how much influence will this brand have in the world of coffee. In its early days, the company focused mainly on the production of electric motors, the crucial and probably the best decision was made in 1960 Mahlkönig decided to focus on the production of coffee grinders. That is also why, in less than 60 years, they can confidently say that they are the first choice of world baristas looking for a top Mahlkönig grinder.


Mahlkönig was a pioneer who achieved that today, freshly ground coffee is a certainty in making perfect espresso. In the past, barista not always grinded coffee grain right in front of you. At the same time, the company combines high-quality materials, traditional processes and brings desire to innovations and therefore is able to come up with something brilliant. Something that baristas have no idea today how it can help them prepare coffee tomorrow. Simply: Mahlkönig is the king of coffee grinders.

Mahlkönig W1BN Grinder

In the currently available sources Mahlkönig W1BN coffee grinder is covered in a mystery. This is a historical piece that was most likely produced from 1950 to 1960, so we can reliably claim that it is a still serving veteran. At least the particular grinder W1BN, which we managed to save and recondition.

The Mahlkönig W1BN griner strike at first glance – timeless design would also attract you among the machines that the German brand makes today. It is made of high quality materials, dominated by aluminium, steel and iron. It is 56 centimeters tall, but thanks to its golden colour it looks more subtle.

Nowadays you can find it in different auctions or sales in different price ranges, which makes it difficult to determine the upper limit, as with previous historical coffee machines, which you can find on our blog. If you would like to see the Mahlkönig W1BN live or test it, I would be happy to show it to you at our Espressophille Lab.


Are you wondering what a coffee machine refurbishment looks like? Watch our video:


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