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Mahlkönig W1BN Grinder: Old-fashioned combination of design and precision

Mahlkönig is the number one grinder on the market. And indeed, when you say this glamorous word, anyone who even a little bit penetrated into the secrets of perfect espresso knows about this brand. The King. This makes us even more pleased that this brand is in our collection of historical coffee machines: Mahlkönig W1BN.

Gaggia – America: Italian coffee machine that helped develop coffee culture in USA

Another gem we have found sunken in dust, rusted and sentenced to life in a forgotten box is the historical coffee machine Gaggia – America. If we compare it with the previous two machines – Victoria Arduino Venus Bar and Faema Lambro – this piece was in the best condition. Although this statement can be distorting, because we still had more than 150 hours of work. Why did we get into it? Because it is an incredibly beautiful piece that combines Italian elegance and refinement with American ferocity and energy.

Faema – Lambro: A historical gas coffee machine that was able to make an espresso in the field

Seek and find. Italian “e-bay” is a diamond mine, which if you are lucky can offer you truly treasure. When we were looking for historical coffee machines from the best brands we found beautiful piece: Faema – Lambro. Although this machine was more suitable for rest in peace, we did not give up and tried to refurbish it. How did it turn out and what makes this Italian brand of coffee makers unique?

Refurbishment of Venus Bar by Victoria Arduino: From the scrap to 4 star hotel

“How did machine look like when it was found?” The question arose and his eyes turned to the refined historic Victoria Arduino – Venus Bar. Michael, the chief engineer of Eurosam, does not hesitate for a second and says, “Only one word – scrap.” What makes this historical coffee machine unique and what awaited us during the refurbishment?

We are looking for historical coffee machines in Italian garages. Why did we decide to refurbish them?

History is great to learn, to try to predict the future, to avoid mistakes. The fact that we sometimes ignore it is another topic. But what are historical coffee machines good for when they have been stuck with dust, junk and faded memories in the garage, attic or cellar for years? For the owner are obviously useless, but in Eurosam, we see beautiful craftsmanship, retro design, not quite modern, but still precise technology, the sign of the times, an atmosphere of the first traditional cafes. And especially potential.

Step from Perfection: Mirage Slim Jim new coffee machine by Kees van der Westen

It´s always pleasure to add a new coffee machine to our offer. Well, when Kees van der Westen, comes up with something, we know, that it will be something big and awesome. The combination of ultimate design and the finest technologies won’t let any espressophile down. Our latest addition to the family is the Mirage Slim Jim coffee machine. What makes this machine so unique?

Refurbishment of Kees van der Westen Mirage

Kees van der Westen’s coffee machines are considered one of the most outstanding in the world. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure their up & running operating at the highest level. EUROSAM can do this job perfectly, even with older coffee machines, which are many times retired for many people. Of course, with Kees van der Westen’s coffee machines, we can say that they are becoming more valuable over time. In order to keep these older coffee makers running as new as well, we repair and upgrade them. Every such refurbishment is unique as we breathe new life into the old coffee machine. That’s why we decided to write about one of them.